EarthSpirit Center

Welcome to EarthSpirit Center for the Transformational Arts!

This is a transdenominational spiritual center serving as a Mystery School in all its events and services. Please see “Our Purpose” and “Events and Services" to read more about what EarthSpirit offers as well as what students have shared about their experiences (also see “Voices”).

In addition to the women's cancer group and individual counseling, I've added some new offerings: a monthly group in mysticism, a group for women 60+, and individual Soul Readings. Future plans include online classes - check back occasionally for updates.

All EarthSpirit events are held in a quiet, peaceful setting where participants can stroll in a stone circle, a medicine wheel, and a meditation-memorial garden. As pictured in our logo, EarthSpirit Center serves as a bridge to the Soul.


Dr. Nanci Shanderá


I’d like to share briefly a bit of who I am. 

Since early childhood, I've been deeply involved in a quest for transformation and integrative approaches to spiritual experience. I spent thirty years studying with Brugh Joy, M.D., who awakened me to the higher consciousness I use to support seekers in developing the inner guidance required to unconditionally accept and love themselves. As a transformational teacher, I specialize in an unique approach to dream work, guided imagery, symbology, synchronicity, pre-birth Soul agreements, and the heightening experience of expressive arts.

I hold a Ph.D. and M.A. in Transformational Psychology, an R.Sc.F. from the Religious Science ministry, and a B.A. in Education, and am the author of "Your Inner Gold" and "The Quilt: A Woman's Journey to Power.”

As Director of EarthSpirit, I hope your participation in our events will serve you on your spiritual quest. I send you a heart-based welcome and recognition of your unique contribution to life. Namasté

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