Appreciating Magic

Each day I take an early morning walk in a beautiful area where I live. I always spend some extra time at my favorite of several peaceful ponds. For the past few months, I had been hearing a loud racket that echoed throughout the area. I never knew what it was or where it was coming from. One day, my attention was drawn to a huge pine tree across the pond and saw two bunches of light colored material toward the top of the tree. At first, I thought it was dead mistletoe, but then realized they were nests – huge nests! And as I studied them while still hearing the racket, I was stunned by the sudden appearance of two blue herons flying over the pond. One flew into a nest and the racket increased. I realized then that what I had been hearing were the calls of baby herons insisting on being fed. Moments later, hunger appeased, the racket ceased. The adult heron flew off the tree and sailed over toward the trees near me, where I could get a better look at these amazing birds. I learned their weight is considerable since the branches they landed on bent almost parallel to the trunk.

My heart was filled by this magical realm we call nature, where serenity was counterbalanced with vibrancy. I felt deeply moved and honored to be present in such a moment.

(The photo above is of the pond – maybe you can see the tree with the nests – it’s the light colored one.)