Being Vs. Doing

After crashing big-time in 2012 due to a lifetime of being a “workaholic”, and being forced by my burned out adrenals to stop everything, including my constant mantra of “I have to!, I have to!”, I’ve learned the fine art of being in the present moment. I’ve also become aware that we are all so much more than physical and personality aspects. Our Soul energies are huge, present in every moment, eternal, and they influence us far more than we are consciously aware. This experience has lifted me from being caught in the global fear of change and how we tend to sublimate that fear into emphasis on materiality. I believe we’ve moved into a new octave of being, which throws many of us into fear because it seems so mysterious and overwhelming. Collective fear-based beliefs influence us to accept as “fact” that change of this magnitude is bad and it’s therefore misinterpreted as disaster, punishment, or imminent annihilation. But when perceiving change from a vaster reality, it is actually the dissolution of all that blocks us from the very thing we’ve always wanted: Love. I’ve come to believe that surrendering to these new energies that have multiplied since 12/21/12, offers the opportunity to be aware of all the changes without demonizing or rejecting. This takes courage because we’re dealing with the unknown, at least the unknown as far as our conscious experience is concerned – we may have dreamed or had visions about the changes so there is a part of us that’s not surprised or daunted. So for me, resting into the now moment allows me to be a human being rather than a human doing.