Consumerism as Addiction

In Prince Charles’ (yes, THE Prince Charles) excellent book, “Harmony: A New Way of Looking at Our World”, he presents a balanced view of our collective problems in ways I’ve never considered before. I highly recommend that you read this mind-expanding and lovingly presented book.
Here’s an example of what he says about the false idea that “more” will make us happier: “Academic research has found that consumerism with its emphasis on the acquisition of more and more material goods does not for many people lead to increased happiness. It seems it does not nurture increased well-being once a certain level of comfort and security has been attained….[This] is all part of the design of consumerism, which again is a more structured ideology than you might imagine. Built into it is both means of stimulating a desire for happiness by having, and an assurance that this desire will never be completely satisfied.” The Prince goes on to quote University of Surrey Professor Tim Jackson who describes our periodic economic meltdowns to “a multi-generational debt-binge” which reflects upon our reliance on global “energy binges”. I chose the photo below as a symbol of this collective binging addiction that we all share, consciously or not. As you study the photo, be aware of how you feel about it. Then translate your feelings into the greater picture of a global addiction to a belief in having to have more and more. I see no difference between substance addiction and this addiction to the god of materialism.