DREAMS: the Night Travels of the Terrestrial Soul (Ba)

The purpose of dreaming is the gathering of tools, information, and guidance, all of which build a foundation for expanded consciousness and the potential for more conscious participation in all levels of reality. As the “Ba” (ancient Egyptian word for the terrestrial Soul, whose image is a bird with a human head, indicating our ability to move beyond physical limitations) travels from the physical body during sleep, it moves into deeper connection with karmic patterns for insight and in some cases, eventual resolution. I’ve worked with dreams since young childhood so I know the power and mystery of dreaming. “Modern” society has tended to discount and reject dreams, intuition, and expanded states of consciousness in favor of what is considered, naively, as “reality”. However, I see increasing, positive signs of open-mindedness and open-heartedness to such things due to, I believe, an ineffable shift in all levels of life. We are learning that many of the Earth changes are not only a result of human fear and ignorance of nature, but naturally occurring and cyclic anomalies within our physical environment as well as within us that are increasing in frequency and intensity. When we dream, our Soul travels within non-ordinary realities to bring back to us guidance and preparation for the changes that are exponentially happening at this time.