Essential Operations in Transformational Alchemy

The essential operations in transformational alchemy lift us from concretized belief and behavior, burn off excess ego and inaccurate and imprisoning beliefs, submerge us in the watery depths of authentic emotion until we accept our essential feeling nature, and dismember us until we surrender to our Soul’s purpose. This inner work requires courage because it’s always easier to remain unaware of our deeper aspects that seem to hover, shadow-like and terrifying, in the recesses of our minds. Many of us tend to believe that personal healing consists of “getting rid of” our problems, but that’s like trying to throw them out the door only to watch them fly back in through the window. We can’t get rid of any aspect of ourselves, especially the ego. We can only transform it.

This is a quote from my most recent book, “Your Inner Gold: Transform Your Life and Discover Your Soul’s Purpose”, available online through my website at or your local bookstore.