I so appreciate Jane Beach’s contributions and inspirations. And reading her post today about fear, I’d like to add what I’ve learned about how the media contributes greatly to collective fear. Having worked with people as a spiritual teacher for many years, I’ve learned that most of us tend to believe that our fears are our own and that we have to do deep psychological processes to overcome them. I agree that some of our fears are indeed our own, but we are all sensitive, even if we don’t know it, so are affected profoundly by the constant barrage of bad news and fear-inducing predictions by newscasters. Since I work a lot with imagery, I know its power and to watch an hour or more of negative images winding their way into our minds is not healthy! We tend to think of newspeople as authorities, when in fact, we are our own authority – as in the root word, “author” – we are the authors of our own lives by our thinking, beliefs, and attitudes. And no newscaster has any authority or power over that unless we give it to them. Maybe we can think about where we got that idea that they know more than we do – maybe it came from our early training to mind our elders, who may give us wise counsel or may just be parroting what the collective consciousness has accepted as truth, rather than Truth. From higher, spiritual levels, we can resource the Truth and sense the underlying reasons the nightly news presents what it does – and then we can gently laugh, bless them all, and let it go. I, for one, stopped watching and listening to news years ago and it’s very interesting how I still know what’s going on but it doesn’t dig its way into me as fear.