Independence Day

Most of us know what July 4 is all about. But when we think of Independence symbolically and metaphysically in terms of consciousness, we find a rich field of ideas from which we can evolve into greater understanding of life and our roles in it. The fireworks on this holiday are powerful symbols of the necessity in consciousness work of facing and embracing the fire within, whose gift is that of freedom. They can also represent the experience of Awakening, that moment when our Divine Spark ignites us to experience who we truly are.

So how might we explore Independence from a spiritual growth standpoint? We can start by looking at how many ways we are not independent, but instead, dependent. Here are some things to consider: How dependent are we on social media? How dependent are we on our e-devices? On beliefs from dogmatic systems? On rules of behavior made by others? On thinking only in acceptable ways? On fear? On limited expression of our uniqueness? On letting others make decisions for us? On appearance? On self-doubt? On thinking we have no power to change?

As we continue to grow in consciousness, we become more actively aware of how interdependent we are with all forms of life in the Multiverse. To celebrate our personal independence widens our scope of reality to knowing without doubt how we truly are all part of the One Eternal Source.