Our Internal Thought Adjusters

After watching “The Adjustment Bureau” last night, I was inspired to review the sections in “The Urantia Book” about our internal thought adjusters. Some may call them our Souls, angels, spirit guides, our relations on the other side, etc. Considering how the choices we make are guided lovingly by forces so much greater than our personality selves, we can begin to work consciously with them. A good way to start is to review how many times we were guided away from potential harm – even death – and led onto avenues we might not have thought of walking ourselves. Another good practice is to observe how many times we think of ourselves as victims and contemplate how this belief builds walls against growth and Soul evolution. To move into new perceptions about what life gives us as lessons to strengthen us, we can begin to feel the Presence of Spirit in, around, and through us and all things. Once this becomes a habit, we’ll know we are a creation of that Spirit, not a separate afterthought. When we feel unified with It, there is nothing we can’t do! At the end of the movie, there is a voice-over that wraps it all up (I won’t tell you what it says – you’ll have to watch it to find out). This year we have been given profound gifts and opportunities for new expansion, along with the huge push into higher consciousness and loving kindness we’ll receive (if we’re willing) on Dec. 21. I send a radiance of love and blessings to you and all of life.