The Cosmic Lottery

Every day, I envision happiness and consciousness evolvement for every form of life everywhere, as well as for healing and transformation for specific people and events. At times, I’ve also envisioned myself winning the California lottery, seeing it symbolically as a pyramid, with the top third representing donations to non-profits I appreciate, the middle third as things I’d like to do for my family and friends, and the lower, largest portion representing various projects I’d like to expand in the work I share as a spiritual psychologist, artist, writer, and environmental advocate.

At the same time, I’ve been reading the Prince of Wales’ (Charles) magnificent book, “Harmony: A New Way of Looking at Our World”. This is THE best book on the history and future potential of what we have done to our environment and to ourselves and what we can intelligently and successfully do to turn it all around. This book has affected me deeply so one morning while doing my envisioning about how I, as one person, can help, the image of the pyramid appeared again but this time, had inverted. As well, it was no longer divided into three segments. Each section was now so blended with the others that there was no difference – family, personal projects, environmental change, consciousness evolvement were all co-related. While I saw this as powerful encouragement for me to deepen and expand my purpose of Loving and Serving, I also knew that this new pyramid was connected to the archetypal image of the two triangles (or pyramids) coming together – “as above, so below”. As I continued to envision, the two pyramid images merged as one with the upper, downward pointing one representing the descent of our Eternal Source into our human experience, and the lower, upward pointing one representing the human desire to ascend to our highest potential as spiritual beings. When we look deeper into our human desires and connect them with our eternal nature, we can sense that we’ve already won the Cosmic Lottery!