Being a Spiritual Couch Potato

Couch potato.jpeg

Do you ever get discouraged by what you perceive as not growing spiritually? Are you so frustrated that you begin spending more and more time online with social media, watching a little bit too much tv, wandering around your house doing little bits and pieces of jobs needing to be done but never quite finishing them?

Maybe you regard your attempts at meditation as unsuccessful when they'd been so easy before. Or perhaps you have lost interest in reading spiritually inspiring books or articles.

A very important and essential part of the transformational process is learning to sense when it's time to back off, rest, turn your attention to something other than pushing your spiritual growth. These times are what I call plateaus, which are opportunities and necessary halts to the conscious workings of our beliefs about how much we're evolving.

Sometimes it's the ego that sends us messages of self-judgment that makes us perceive our progress as wasted, useless, and unimportant. But other times, it's not necessarily the ego's influence. It can be a strong pull from our inner guidance to surrender to the plateau and its healing, harmonizing, transforming, and wise "stoplight" on our path.

The task is to become aware that when we begin to do what we might consider going off track, that it actually may be that we're being directed to allow all the work we've done on ourselves to percolate, to ripen, to mellow.

So the next time you feel guilty about watching that tv show while eating your favorite snack and relaxing on the couch, ask yourself if it's truly "Couch Potato-ism" or rather your inner wisdom drawing you into a natural cycle, much the same as ocean waves, the seasons, and the rising and setting of our sun.

 Enjoy that couch!