The Alchemical Change of Perception

King being told to wake up.JPG

The most difficult thing that we are being offered at this time of global challenge is to stay in a consciousness of unity and love. We are in a new kind of revolution, which is an opportunity to use the power of love instead of hate, which has never worked in any society. We can look at political leaders, heads of corporations, destroyers of the environment and see them as demonic enemies. Or we can raise our consciousness to one that is far more true, and see them as parts of ourselves - as Elizabeth Kubler Ross used to say, "We all have a Mother Teresa and a Hitler within us - it's who we choose to be that makes all the difference." This is an amazing opportunity to raise our vibration and move into what we've all, yes all, wanted, which is happiness, self-respect, meaningful ways to express our gifts and talents, and love. This is a time for healing the issues on our planet by healing ourselves, being courageous enough to realize where we hate, where we reject, where we are dishonest - all within ourselves. That healing radiates to every form of life here on Earth and in the universe and has profound effects. This opportunity to make deep, important inner changes can make the difference as to whether or not we survive as a species. The ancient alchemical woodcut picture here depicts a man who is sleeping and is commanded to wake up by his higher self, the alchemist within all of us who can use the power of thought to make remarkable changes. Namasté