YOUR SOUL'S PURPOSE: An Introduction to Your Soul's Pre-Birth Choices & Agreements


Would you like to discover why difficult people are in your life? Do you believe your Soul made certain agreements for this current lifetime - ones that would offer you growth possibilities, even if difficult? Dr. Shanderá uses her intuitive-visionary gifts to guide you into deeper understandings of these processes. We will explore these ideas and connect them to experiences you’ve had in this lifetime that were challenging, all within an expanded state of consciousness that will bring realizations and awarenesses of your true self and your spiritual essence. We will discover how the Soul works in these challenges to help us to evolve spiritually. You are invited to come by yourself or to bring someone who has challenged you and is now open to exploring the challenges with you as spiritual allies. 


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Young women who are now speaking up on many aspects of life are an ever-expanding phenomena, taking action and expressing their feelings on social injustices of all kinds. This is an exciting new generation who have vision and a sense of deep purpose. This group is for young women who wish to explore consciousness from a standpoint of service to humanity at the same time healing their personal wounds. We will use dreams, guided imagery, ceremony, and principles of unconditional love to further deepen and heighten consciousness. 



Alchemists put various base metals, such as lead, through a series of processes which refine them step by step until they become gold. Sound impossible? It’s been done. My friend, Dennis William Hauck, author of a magnificent book on Alchemy and personal transformation, The Emerald Tablet, is a practicing alchemist and has done it. So have other alchemists through the ages. But the secret is that alchemical processes are merely symbols for the inner process of transforming our “lead” into our true state of being…our inner Gold. By embracing the Gold within, we learn of our Soul and its purpose. In this class, you’ll learn about the seven basic stages of alchemical transformation and how they apply to your life. We will use my book, Your Inner Gold: Transform Your Life & Discover Your Soul’s Purpose as our textbook. (This class is an introduction to the subject and is a prerequisite for future intensives in which students will work in depth with each stage of transformational alchemy.)

THE ART OF TRANSFORMATION for all women who wish to ignite their spiritual growth through various art projects and teachings designed to deepen awareness of the Soul and our purpose.

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The purpose of these classes is to develop our perceptions in a way that expands our inner perceptions. Dr. Nanci facilitates in an energetically inductive way so results are surprising and delightful. At the same time, consciousness is deepened so healing and transformation can occur on emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. These classes employ unusual art techniques and include guided imagery, study of sacred geometry, development of intuition, and lots of humor and loving support.

•    Each 8 week session offers a different art modality, so participation can be ongoing

•   No artistic skill or experience is required

•   For details on registration, cost, and deadlines: email

Note: class space is limited so these classes fill quickly and may be wait-listed

Students say:

“This class has been a valuable tool on the journey of self exploration. I would recommend it for anyone who is willing to look at themselves in a profoundly new light.” R.F.


“It was as if all my years of personal growth work – therapy, workshops, conferences, self-help books – all came together and made sense. The class was transformative.” D.S.


“When I first started Nanci’s class my impression was that it would be an ‘art class.’ I remember sitting at the table during the early days of instruction with my pencil held tightly, the body closed in on itself because I ‘didn’t know how to draw.’ I engaged in non-stop prattle about how I was not artistic. But the projects asked me to draw my soul, put feelings on paper, question my beliefs, and challenge my basic ideas of reality. The classes served to get me in touch with the hidden ‘shadow’ portions of me, the wistful sides, my judgments and the arrogance I totted about in the guise of humility. As instruction continued, projects and subjects began to deepen an understanding of a more profound me. The art would start to flow, the images got bolder, and the colors more vibrant. It came from a deep mysterious part of me that I didn’t know existed. The lessons learned didn’t stay in the studio: the feelings and my way of seeing the world changed to something more poetic. Alternate ways of seeing and experiencing situations started to take place. My perspective of the world literally changed.” M.C.


THE ART OF HEALING: AWAKENING SPIRIT WITHIN (for women cancer survivors, caregivers and professionals.)

Co-sponsored by EarthSpirit Center for the Transformational Arts and the Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital.


The purpose of these classes is to develop our physical perceptions in a way that expands our inner perceptions. Dr. Nanci facilitates in an energetically inductive way so results are surprising and delightful. At the same time, consciousness is deepened so spiritual healing and transformation can occur in all aspects of life. These classes employ unusual art techniques and include guided imagery, study of sacred geometry, development of intuition, and lots of humor and loving support.

•   Each 8 week session offers a different art modality, so participation can be ongoing

•   No artistic skill or experience is required

•   For details on registration, cost, and deadlines: email

Note: class space is limited so these classes fill quickly and may be wait-listed

Students say:

“I’ve gained meaningful insight into my spirituality, mortality and understanding of life which I believe has extended my life far beyond the initial prediction. ” P.W.


“Dr. Nanci’s teaching is excellent and creates a creative and safe environment where I felt encouraged to explore. All is done with great respect for each student and I feel I gain new insights and strength though her teachings and classes.” L.B.


"This class was an important step in my cancer journey. It helped me express the changes that have occurred in my life. I look forward to the next class!” S.G.


“[from the Sacred Doll class]: "The dolls turned out to be mirrors, seeing myself from different angles. A journey inward, honestly looking at myself in a natural intuitive manner. I looked to see if my body had changed since the cancer. What beauty had I lost? What if anything I had gained?

"Who is my healer, and what are her defenses now? I looked for colors and shapes to capture the expression of the journey, all in the form of 3 dolls....myself in dolls." L.C.


"It is my good pleasure to sing the praises of this wise and wonderful teaching. I love to support and encourage the great, important work Nanci is doing. The benefits I've experienced in her art classes is phenomenal. I took four straight years of art classes in college and never got the good stuff Nanci shares. So I'm very jazzed and blown away by her art classes." J.W.


"It has been my great pleasure to take this class,  to learn about sacred geometry, and to discover that I love "doodling" with colored pencils and pens.  It has also afforded a lot of grief processing for me during each stage of mandala unfoldment. So I honor and treasure the process, what has been learned and shared, and each of the special women in the class. Thank you!" K.C.


"I want to express my gratitude for the Mandala class it was a true learning experience. You create a very supportive and positive space for us to work and learn. I enjoyed watching others' work progress as much as my own." B.E.

TRANSFORMATIONAL WHOLENESS: Awakening Spirit Within: An ongoing group for women cancer survivors, caregivers, and professionals

For women with cancer or cancer caregivers, family, or professionals. Co-sponsored by EarthSpirit Center for the Transformational Arts and the Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital.

Using a non-medically oriented approach, this powerful and transformational ongoing weekly group, based in the heart center of unconditional love is offered to women dealing with cancer now or in the past, dealing with cancer of a loved one, or is a caregiver or professional. You will transform limiting and unconscious perceptions of your life, discover secrets of inner healing, learn how your dreams reveal deep messages, learn how adversity is a gift, and eliminate judgment. Through dream work, expanded perception of ordinary realities, and guided imagery, you will learn to perceive your challenges from an unconditional, healing perspective.

Students say:

" I was diagnosed four years ago with metastatic lung cancer. The survival data available at that time was grim and I knew that I must steady myself for a difficult road ahead. Dr. Shanderá’s classes have been profoundly helpful to me in navigating this new path. Class by class, bit by bit, I’ve gained meaningful insight into my spirituality, mortality and understanding of life which I believe has extended my life far beyond the initial prediction.

Over the past two and a half years I’ve attended the Women’s Transformational Wholeness class and two Art of Healing classes. Over the course of this time, my personal knowledge of spirituality has increased ten-fold; I’ve learned many things of significance that are changing my life.

One aspect of Dr. Shanderá’s class that has served particularly well is her ability to lend clarity, insight, and perspective to what have been (until now) just obscure dreams. In doing so, she also leaves me with fodder for additional exploration and growth.

Dr Shanderá is also a gifted and gentle facilitator. The guided imagery exercises that she leads always leave me energized and with new insight and focus. I now look forward to the road ahead with curiosity and calm. I am both prepared and unafraid, and I’ve never been happier.

I send a heartfelt “thank you” to Dr. Shanderá for the many gifts she’s passed my way over the years." P.W.


"I joined the Women’s Transformational Wholeness group with Dr. Nanci Shandera a few months after completing surgery and chemo for lung cancer. I felt I could use continued support in dealing with the changes that had taken place in my life not only physically but mentally and emotionally.

The group, with guided imagery and meditation, lead by Dr. Shandera, is a wonderful way to decompress from the stresses of life and the continued journey of the cancer patient. Her exploration of dreams as a way to gain understanding of my strength, my recovery and my health, has been immensely valuable. It has, in fact changed the way I think about my life and my experiences.

I find myself happier and more at peace with how things are and I am able to rejoice in what I have learned on this difficult journey. I can move forward and when I do have fears or hit a bump in the road, I have a safe place to go to share those feelings.

I am now two years out from surgery and chemo and feel stronger than I ever have. I believe this group has been invaluable to my continued health." L.B.

************“Dr. Nanci’s Transformational Wholeness class has opened the door for the real work of my physical healing.” P.W.************“I attended my first Transformational Wholeness class February, 2015, reeling from the physical and emotional scars caused by my breast cancer. I didn't want to go anywhere or see anyone but I knew that I was in dire need of the support I found with Dr. Nanci. The spiritual aspect of her class was (and is) huge for me.” S.B.************“Dr. Shanderá's work has helped me so much. The guided visualizations give me the ability to relax at such a deep level, enough to find safety in myself again, and see the cancer in a different light.” L.C.************“The guided imagery takes me into a deep space of relaxation and peace. My quality of life has improved and the support I receive from Dr. Shanderá and the group carries me through the week.” T.M.


"Elders travel in multiple realities, courageously transcending fears of aging and loss of mental capacity. They may seem to the unenlightened to be demented or ill, when from a deeper reality, they are dancing between the worlds, bringing back wisdom from their travels for those who will listen." ~NS

Embody True Elderhood and Transform Perceptions of Aging Into Empowerment and Wisdom

Based on ancient women’s mystery school principles, and Soul-based esoteric transformation of consciousness, the Introductory groups dive deeply into the mysteries of Elderhood to develop graceful and empowered approaches to aging and our roles as Wise Ones/Grandmothers for the planet and the universe.

In the Introductory series (which are prerequisites for Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Initiatory groups), we examine the true meaning of Elderhood and how it frees us, concerns about aging and new ways to experience it with courage and grace, how we have succeeded where we thought we'd failed, how we can surrender our beliefs about appearance and accept our authenticity, our emotions and their deep connection with our Eternal Soul, death as a stage of life, and what it means to be a Global Grandmother. We will explore what stands in the way of our full acceptance of ourselves as women of wisdom and character: feelings of inadequacy, defense shields, closed mindedness, lack of trust (needing proof before acceptance: "Seeing it when you believe it" rather than "Believing it when you see it."), designing your life based on what others expect, and more.

A Beginning Women's Mystery School will be offered to those who have successfully completed the Introductory series. In this and successive levels of advancement (Intermediate, Advanced, Initiate, etc.), our studies will include ritual and ceremony, deep introspective work, goddesses/wise women of various cultures, esoteric-mystical exploration, history of mysticism, and related experiences that will develop higher consciousness and awakening to new, alternate, expanded perceptions of life and your role and responsibility in it.

Students say:

"All the wisdom, stories, connections and love that fill that room and our lives is just amazing. The things I learned with you and my fellow students are priceless to me as I move through the changes and challenges I face in this new life.  I see differently, I react differently and I love differently.  The magic is definitely spinning around me and it feels exciting and full of possibilities. I am proud and so, so blessed to know you and feel your love each day as I move through each day of my life growing, learning and loving." B.W.


"Your background and personal journey touched me so much. Your journey encompasses so much of what I'm struggling with. I've never experienced any classes like yours before." A.C.


“My work with Nanci led me to further explore the idea of “dying as a rite of passage”.  I was able to look more deeply into what needed to “die” in my life, so that I could heal old wounds and change old patterns that no longer served me.  I am grateful to Nanci and the power she imparts to the community of women …knowing that together we can change the world.”  C.P.


“Dr. Nanci gracefully serves as a guide into the unknown places within. She walks alongside me, into the shadows and into the light offering a loving and humorous presence. Using dream discussion, symbology, mystery school teachings, archetypal energies, personal reflective writing, guided meditation, and many other tools, Nanci aids me in creating my own personal internal map. This serves to discover, understand, and accept all aspects of my being. Utilizing the heart as my internal compass, I am able to navigate the way that leads me to transform into a more balanced, unified, and more authentic version of myself.” A.S.



You will learn to move into an intuitive visionary state of consciousness where your dreams become clear messages from your Soul, your spiritual guides, and your own inner guidance. You will develop your own dream symbology and an unique understanding of what your dreams are teaching you about all aspects of your life. Dr. Nanci serves as a guide-mentor as you move into expanded, heightened realms of transformational awareness where the deep Mysteries reveal themselves to your conscious mind. With deep intuition, compassion, and humor, she guides you through even the most difficult dreams or "nightmares" and recurring dreams and teaches you how to find the riches within them. Her workshops are insightful, surprising, and fun and are always held in a consciousness of unconditional support and appreciation for all aspects of self.

This class is offered for dreamers of all levels of experience: INTRODUCTORY, INTERMEDIATE, and ADVANCED (which is a part of the Women's Mystery School training). Please sign up for our newsletter where you will find the latest schedule with dates and details.

Dr. Nanci Shanderá is a master dream teacher, having worked with dreams her entire life. Under thirty years of tutelage by her spiritual teacher, Brugh Joy, M.D., she fine-tuned her gifts in dream work.

Students say:

"Nanci is an incredible dream guide. I can explore deeply and know that her training in so many traditions and practices as well as her willingness to share her innate sensitivity, wisdom and gifts will accompany me and all is well. I have never encountered anyone with Nanci’s particular set of gifts. She is clearly the very best at what she does. She is an amazing gift!" J.B.


"I have taken classes with Nanci for the last two years and have found them to be enlightening and transformative. Her insight into the meaning of dreams has especially opened me up to more understanding of unconscious patterns that are no longer serving me. With this insight I am creating my life in a more compassionate, loving and intentional way." S.G.


“Nanci has an amazing ability to reveal the connection between many realities that we experience. She is an amazing dream analyst.” M.H.

SOUL TO SOUL: Healing Relationships by Exploring Pre-Birth Soul Agreements

  • For all types of relationships: spousal, siblings, parent-adult child, friends, etc.
  • One-day introductory workshops and longer intensives. Sign up for our newsletter for dates.

Relationships that present seemingly insurmountable problems can actually be the richest ones we will encounter in a lifetime. A common belief is that certain people just don’t understand us, don’t care about us enough, are abusive, create problem after problem for which we blame them – or ourselves if we carry patterns of self-doubt and unworthiness. Many of us choose to stay within the relationship, hoping things will change. Or we leave it, giving up and believing it’s behind us. But neither of these choices offer true resolution, so the problems continue. We carry the pain of these relationships around in containers of belief which weigh us down and distance us from knowing and becoming who we truly are. In many cases, resolution lies in considering the possibility that we, along with our “nemesis”, made an agreement long before coming into a particular lifetime, the purpose of which was to help each other evolve in a human lifetime and ultimately serve the Soul in its evolution as well. When made in the pre-birth state of spiritual consciousness, these Soul agreements are made with great unconditional Love for one another, even and especially when the choices of interaction in a lifetime are difficult, painful, even traumatic.

In these workshops, you can learn how to shift your perception of difficult relationships and experience the joy of freedom and love for yourself and others. You may attend with your challenging person (only if the person is willing to join you in changing perceptions about one another) or by yourself. This is an opportunity for you to truly transform your relationships into ones that support and nurture you.

SHAMANIC JOURNEYING: An Introduction to Discoveries in Expanded Reality


"Shamanic journeying is the inner art of traveling to the 'invisible worlds' beyond ordinary reality to retrieve information for change in any area of our lives-from spirituality and health to work and relationships." Sandra Ingerman

Shamanism is about being connected with nature, understanding that we are earth based, the real and living knowledge which is then used for balance, healthy lifestyles, self healing, and relationships as well as success in all that we do.

Shamanism is one of the oldest tribal healing traditions of indigenous people in cultures worldwide. In this introductory workshop, you will learn to experience communication and interaction with the spirit world. It is the oldest way in which the human race has sought and maintained connection with Creation.

You will learn the techniques of Shamanic Journeying, where you will discover your Power Animal waiting for you, engage it in a process of self-discovery and expansion of consciousness. This workshop will be fun and will awaken the power of body, mind, and spirit…at the same time, enlightening! It is a way you can contribute to your present and future well being as well as of our beautiful blue green planet, Mother Earth.

Dan Jordinelli has been a powerful shamanic practitioner for over 23 years. His practice primarily includes work with humans and canines, and specializing in patients in various stages of cancer. His natural skill is balanced by his consciousness of loving kindness. Dan lives in Los Angeles with his wonderful canine friends.



The Soul Readings I offer differ from typical “Psychic Readings” in that I don’t call forth communications with deceased loved ones, nor do I predict the future. Rather, I relate to you fully, holistically, as an eternal being, a Soul, and share with you what I sense as who you are as a complete being of Love and light. I also work to bring forth a sense of what pre-birth Soul choices and agreements your Soul may have made so you can better understand the challenges, frustrations, relationships, desires, and joys of this lifetime. Because most of us believe so strongly in our human, material existence as “truth,” we block ourselves from communicating with our Souls. When what we experience as obstacles are seen from a more holistic consciousness, they can be transformed, and we can feel free and sense a greater Presence within and around us. That is our Soul. It is with us eternally – we are unified with it so that our human selves, at the same time we experience our Earthly lives, are awakened, enlivened, and forever transformed by the experience of the touch of the Soul. So when I “read” your Soul’s energies and messages, we share together an amazing, life-changing, and holy communion with the Eternal Source.
By appointment in person or by phone. Email for more information and appointments.

INTUITIVE COUNSELING for women + couples (see also Soul Readings)


My approach to counseling is through intuitively sensing the relationship of your human self and Soul and where there may be blocks to your full experience of your eternal nature expressing through your human body and personality. I work with dreams and envisioned images, which are powerful foundational tools that reveal the deeper aspects of being and that can awaken you to your magnificence. I perceive you as a spiritual being of light who chose to embody as human on Earth at this time. I believe you are here for an important purpose and I can help you discover what the purpose is. By appointment in person or by phone. Email for more information and appointments.

Students say:

“Nanci’s work is so potent that even one session will remain with you for the rest of your life. Her work is the gold standard by which I now judge all counseling and workshops. She facilitates entry into magical altered states where real work can be done.” P.F.


“Dr. Nanci Shandera is an important teacher in my life who helped me to survive a devastating breakdown.  With her skill in dreamwork, Nanci's wisdom in the ancient myths, art and the archetypes that reveal their deeper meanings, and her Earth-based spirituality, she brings a broader context.  She has an extraordinary talent of deeply sensing what I was experiencing with compassion. I told her my dreams, and she was able to help me to understand my life and how to transform from it on a deep level.  She helped me to see my own private myth that is my hero’s journey, to appreciate what’s happened and value it, and continue on my way toward my goals. I can’t tell you enough how much I value Dr. Nanci’s gifts and recommend her to those looking to transform their lives.” M.H.


“I have been working with Dr. Nanci Shanderá for about 5 years now. She has helped me maneuver through many twists and turns in my journey to understanding myself and enriching my spiritual connection to my own soul. Through her support and guidance I have grown and have begun to recognize the kind of life I want to live.” B.W.