TRANSFORMATIONAL MYSTICISM: A non-dogmatic, unifying spiritual practice grounded in the natural world and our relationship to it

“The unconscious is far wiser and far more resourced than my surface mind.”…Brugh Joy, MD

First Saturdays, 10:00 am - 11:30 am at Inner Path, 200 Commercial St., Nevada City CA; DONATION

This is a stimulating and inspiring group for those who wish to deepen their spiritual evolution through dream work, guided imagery, and pre-birth Soul agreements. We will address the various challenges on the path by transforming perceptions of them. The work is based upon Dr. Shanderá’s book, Your Inner Gold: Transform Your Life and Discover Your Soul’s Purpose, available at Inner Path. Bring your dream journal if you have one.


WOMEN'S CONSCIOUSNESS STUDIES: A NEW monthly group grounded in ancient Mystery School traditions.

Meets once monthly on the Friday nearest the Full Moon, 6-8 p.m. at EarthSpirit Center; Cost: $20, preregister by Thursday 6 p.m.

This sacred circle explores the feminine connection to Soul, personal and collective, and how we may merge with It in our earthly experience. We will work with dreams and imagery in art and meditation, and music and ritual as mystical doors to deepened consciousness. 

TRANSFORMATIONAL WHOLENESS: Integrating Body, Mind, & Spirit…an ongoing group for Women dealing with cancer

Ongoing Tuesdays 10-12:30   No Charge

Email for registration and location (pre-registration due by 9 a.m. Tuesdays)

In this warm, supportive group, you will transform limiting and unconscious perceptions of your life, discover inner secrets of healing, learn how your dreams reveal deep messages, learn how adversity is a gift, and eliminate judgment. Through dream work and guided imagery, you will learn to perceive your challenges of body, mind and Spirit from an unconditional, healing perspective. We’ll work with the challenges you are experiencing, whether regarding physical health, emotional harmony, relationships, spiritual growth, or other struggles. This group is sponsored by the SNMH Dignity Health Cancer Center and is open to all womenwishing to heal on any level. The work is particularly effective for those dealing with cancer now or in the past, dealing with cancer of a loved one, or working with cancer patients. This group is not a therapy group, but rather Soul and heart-based.

SOUL TO SOUL: Transforming Relationships by Awakening to Pre-Birth Agreements and Choices (for all relationships: spouses, siblings, parent-adult offspring, friends, etc.)

(Workshops and private counseling)
Details: email

Relationships that present seemingly insurmountable problems can actually be the richest ones we will encounter in a lifetime. A common belief is that certain people just don’t understand us, don’t care about us enough, are abusive, create problem after problem for which we blame them – or ourselves if we carry patterns of self-doubt and unworthiness. Many of us choose to stay within the relationship, hoping things will change. Or we leave it, giving up and believing it’s behind us. But neither of these choices offer true resolution, so the problems continue. We carry the pain of these relationships around in containers of belief which weigh us down and distance us from knowing and becoming who we truly are. In many cases, resolution lies in considering the possibility that we, along with our “nemesis”, made an agreement long before coming into a particular lifetime, the purpose of which was to help each other evolve in a human lifetime and ultimately serve the Soul in its evolution as well. These Soul agreements are made with great unconditional Love for one another, even and especially when the choices of interaction in a lifetime are difficult, painful, even traumatic. You can learn how to shift your perception of difficult relationships and experience the joy of freedom and love for yourself and others.

INTUITIVE COUNSELING for women + couples (see also Soul Readings)

My approach to counseling is through intuitively sensing the relationship of your human self and Soul and where there may be blocks to your full experience of your eternal nature expressing through your human body and personality. I work with dreams and envisioned images, which are powerful foundational tools that reveal the deeper aspects of being and that can awaken you to your magnificence. By appointment in person or by phone. Email for more information and appointments.

WISE WOMEN 55+: Embodying True Elderhood and Transforming Perceptions of Aging

Email for dates and details.

Elders travel in multiple realities, courageously transcending the fears of aging and loss of mental capacity. They may seem to the unenlightened to be demented or ill, when in deep reality, they are dancing between the worlds, bringing back wisdom from their travels for those who will listen.” NS

This group will explore this valuable and powerful stage of life with a different topic each month. Some of the topics we will embrace include: how Elderhood frees us, concerns about aging and new ways to experience it with courage and grace, reviewing our lives and how we have succeeded even when we thought we’d failed, surrendering our beliefs about appearance and accepting who we really are, emotions and their deep connection with our Eternality (Soul), being a Global Grandmother…and much more!

We will work with dreams, guided imagery, storytelling, art, and ritual in my Stone Circle. Please join us for this celebration of our powerful last stage of this lifetime.


The Soul Readings I offer differ from typical “Psychic Readings” in that I don’t call forth communications with deceased loved ones, nor do I predict the future. Rather, I relate to you fully, holistically, as an eternal being, a Soul, and share with you what I sense as who you are as a complete being of Love and light. Because most of us believe so strongly in our human, material existence as “truth,” we block ourselves from communicating with our Souls. When obstacles in thought and belief – usually imparted to us by others – are cleared away we can feel or sense a greater presence within and around us. That is our Soul. And it is with us eternally – we are unified with it so our human selves, at the same time we experience our Earthly lives, are awakened, enlivened, and forever transformed by the experience of the touch of the Soul. So when I “read” your Soul’s energies and messages, we share together an amazing, life-changing, and holy communion with the Eternal Source.
By appointment in person or by phone. Email for more information and appointments.