SOUL TO SOUL: Transforming Relationships by Awakening to Pre-Birth Agreements and Choices (for all relationships: spouses, siblings, parent-adult offspring, friends, etc.)

(Workshops and private counseling)
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Relationships that present seemingly insurmountable problems can actually be the richest ones we will encounter in a lifetime. A common belief is that certain people just don’t understand us, don’t care about us enough, are abusive, create problem after problem for which we blame them – or ourselves if we carry patterns of self-doubt and unworthiness. Many of us choose to stay within the relationship, hoping things will change. Or we leave it, giving up and believing it’s behind us. But neither of these choices offer true resolution, so the problems continue. We carry the pain of these relationships around in containers of belief which weigh us down and distance us from knowing and becoming who we truly are. In many cases, resolution lies in considering the possibility that we, along with our “nemesis”, made an agreement long before coming into a particular lifetime, the purpose of which was to help each other evolve in a human lifetime and ultimately serve the Soul in its evolution as well. These Soul agreements are made with great unconditional Love for one another, even and especially when the choices of interaction in a lifetime are difficult, painful, even traumatic. You can learn how to shift your perception of difficult relationships and experience the joy of freedom and love for yourself and others.