WISE WOMEN 55+: Embodying True Elderhood and Transforming Perceptions of Aging

Email drnanci@earthspiritcenter.com for dates and details.

Elders travel in multiple realities, courageously transcending the fears of aging and loss of mental capacity. They may seem to the unenlightened to be demented or ill, when in deep reality, they are dancing between the worlds, bringing back wisdom from their travels for those who will listen.” NS

This group will explore this valuable and powerful stage of life with a different topic each month. Some of the topics we will embrace include: how Elderhood frees us, concerns about aging and new ways to experience it with courage and grace, reviewing our lives and how we have succeeded even when we thought we’d failed, surrendering our beliefs about appearance and accepting who we really are, emotions and their deep connection with our Eternality (Soul), being a Global Grandmother…and much more!

We will work with dreams, guided imagery, storytelling, art, and ritual in my Stone Circle. Please join us for this celebration of our powerful last stage of this lifetime.