INTUITIVE COUNSELING for women + couples (see also Soul Readings)


My approach to counseling is through intuitively sensing the relationship of your human self and Soul and where there may be blocks to your full experience of your eternal nature expressing through your human body and personality. I work with dreams and envisioned images, which are powerful foundational tools that reveal the deeper aspects of being and that can awaken you to your magnificence. I perceive you as a spiritual being of light who chose to embody as human on Earth at this time. I believe you are here for an important purpose and I can help you discover what the purpose is. By appointment in person or by phone. Email for more information and appointments.

Students say:

“Nanci’s work is so potent that even one session will remain with you for the rest of your life. Her work is the gold standard by which I now judge all counseling and workshops. She facilitates entry into magical altered states where real work can be done.” P.F.


“Dr. Nanci Shandera is an important teacher in my life who helped me to survive a devastating breakdown.  With her skill in dreamwork, Nanci's wisdom in the ancient myths, art and the archetypes that reveal their deeper meanings, and her Earth-based spirituality, she brings a broader context.  She has an extraordinary talent of deeply sensing what I was experiencing with compassion. I told her my dreams, and she was able to help me to understand my life and how to transform from it on a deep level.  She helped me to see my own private myth that is my hero’s journey, to appreciate what’s happened and value it, and continue on my way toward my goals. I can’t tell you enough how much I value Dr. Nanci’s gifts and recommend her to those looking to transform their lives.” M.H.


“I have been working with Dr. Nanci Shanderá for about 5 years now. She has helped me maneuver through many twists and turns in my journey to understanding myself and enriching my spiritual connection to my own soul. Through her support and guidance I have grown and have begun to recognize the kind of life I want to live.” B.W.