The Soul Readings I offer differ from typical “Psychic Readings” in that I don’t call forth communications with deceased loved ones, nor do I predict the future. Rather, I relate to you fully, holistically, as an eternal being, a Soul, and share with you what I sense as who you are as a complete being of Love and light. I also work to bring forth a sense of what pre-birth Soul choices and agreements your Soul may have made so you can better understand the challenges, frustrations, relationships, desires, and joys of this lifetime. Because most of us believe so strongly in our human, material existence as “truth,” we block ourselves from communicating with our Souls. When what we experience as obstacles are seen from a more holistic consciousness, they can be transformed, and we can feel free and sense a greater Presence within and around us. That is our Soul. It is with us eternally – we are unified with it so that our human selves, at the same time we experience our Earthly lives, are awakened, enlivened, and forever transformed by the experience of the touch of the Soul. So when I “read” your Soul’s energies and messages, we share together an amazing, life-changing, and holy communion with the Eternal Source.
By appointment in person or by phone. Email for more information and appointments.