THE ART OF HEALING: AWAKENING SPIRIT WITHIN (for women cancer survivors, caregivers and professionals.)

Co-sponsored by EarthSpirit Center for the Transformational Arts and the Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital.


The purpose of these classes is to develop our physical perceptions in a way that expands our inner perceptions. Dr. Nanci facilitates in an energetically inductive way so results are surprising and delightful. At the same time, consciousness is deepened so spiritual healing and transformation can occur in all aspects of life. These classes employ unusual art techniques and include guided imagery, study of sacred geometry, development of intuition, and lots of humor and loving support.

•   Each 8 week session offers a different art modality, so participation can be ongoing

•   No artistic skill or experience is required

•   For details on registration, cost, and deadlines: email

Note: class space is limited so these classes fill quickly and may be wait-listed

Students say:

“I’ve gained meaningful insight into my spirituality, mortality and understanding of life which I believe has extended my life far beyond the initial prediction. ” P.W.


“Dr. Nanci’s teaching is excellent and creates a creative and safe environment where I felt encouraged to explore. All is done with great respect for each student and I feel I gain new insights and strength though her teachings and classes.” L.B.


"This class was an important step in my cancer journey. It helped me express the changes that have occurred in my life. I look forward to the next class!” S.G.


“[from the Sacred Doll class]: "The dolls turned out to be mirrors, seeing myself from different angles. A journey inward, honestly looking at myself in a natural intuitive manner. I looked to see if my body had changed since the cancer. What beauty had I lost? What if anything I had gained?

"Who is my healer, and what are her defenses now? I looked for colors and shapes to capture the expression of the journey, all in the form of 3 dolls....myself in dolls." L.C.


"It is my good pleasure to sing the praises of this wise and wonderful teaching. I love to support and encourage the great, important work Nanci is doing. The benefits I've experienced in her art classes is phenomenal. I took four straight years of art classes in college and never got the good stuff Nanci shares. So I'm very jazzed and blown away by her art classes." J.W.


"It has been my great pleasure to take this class,  to learn about sacred geometry, and to discover that I love "doodling" with colored pencils and pens.  It has also afforded a lot of grief processing for me during each stage of mandala unfoldment. So I honor and treasure the process, what has been learned and shared, and each of the special women in the class. Thank you!" K.C.


"I want to express my gratitude for the Mandala class it was a true learning experience. You create a very supportive and positive space for us to work and learn. I enjoyed watching others' work progress as much as my own." B.E.