THE ART OF TRANSFORMATION for all women who wish to ignite their spiritual growth through various art projects and teachings designed to deepen awareness of the Soul and our purpose.

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The purpose of these classes is to develop our perceptions in a way that expands our inner perceptions. Dr. Nanci facilitates in an energetically inductive way so results are surprising and delightful. At the same time, consciousness is deepened so healing and transformation can occur on emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. These classes employ unusual art techniques and include guided imagery, study of sacred geometry, development of intuition, and lots of humor and loving support.

•    Each 8 week session offers a different art modality, so participation can be ongoing

•   No artistic skill or experience is required

•   For details on registration, cost, and deadlines: email

Note: class space is limited so these classes fill quickly and may be wait-listed

Students say:

“This class has been a valuable tool on the journey of self exploration. I would recommend it for anyone who is willing to look at themselves in a profoundly new light.” R.F.


“It was as if all my years of personal growth work – therapy, workshops, conferences, self-help books – all came together and made sense. The class was transformative.” D.S.


“When I first started Nanci’s class my impression was that it would be an ‘art class.’ I remember sitting at the table during the early days of instruction with my pencil held tightly, the body closed in on itself because I ‘didn’t know how to draw.’ I engaged in non-stop prattle about how I was not artistic. But the projects asked me to draw my soul, put feelings on paper, question my beliefs, and challenge my basic ideas of reality. The classes served to get me in touch with the hidden ‘shadow’ portions of me, the wistful sides, my judgments and the arrogance I totted about in the guise of humility. As instruction continued, projects and subjects began to deepen an understanding of a more profound me. The art would start to flow, the images got bolder, and the colors more vibrant. It came from a deep mysterious part of me that I didn’t know existed. The lessons learned didn’t stay in the studio: the feelings and my way of seeing the world changed to something more poetic. Alternate ways of seeing and experiencing situations started to take place. My perspective of the world literally changed.” M.C.