You will learn to move into an intuitive visionary state of consciousness where your dreams become clear messages from your Soul, your spiritual guides, and your own inner guidance. You will develop your own dream symbology and an unique understanding of what your dreams are teaching you about all aspects of your life. Dr. Nanci serves as a guide-mentor as you move into expanded, heightened realms of transformational awareness where the deep Mysteries reveal themselves to your conscious mind. With deep intuition, compassion, and humor, she guides you through even the most difficult dreams or "nightmares" and recurring dreams and teaches you how to find the riches within them. Her workshops are insightful, surprising, and fun and are always held in a consciousness of unconditional support and appreciation for all aspects of self.

This class is offered for dreamers of all levels of experience: INTRODUCTORY, INTERMEDIATE, and ADVANCED (which is a part of the Women's Mystery School training). Please sign up for our newsletter where you will find the latest schedule with dates and details.

Dr. Nanci Shanderá is a master dream teacher, having worked with dreams her entire life. Under thirty years of tutelage by her spiritual teacher, Brugh Joy, M.D., she fine-tuned her gifts in dream work.

Students say:

"Nanci is an incredible dream guide. I can explore deeply and know that her training in so many traditions and practices as well as her willingness to share her innate sensitivity, wisdom and gifts will accompany me and all is well. I have never encountered anyone with Nanci’s particular set of gifts. She is clearly the very best at what she does. She is an amazing gift!" J.B.


"I have taken classes with Nanci for the last two years and have found them to be enlightening and transformative. Her insight into the meaning of dreams has especially opened me up to more understanding of unconscious patterns that are no longer serving me. With this insight I am creating my life in a more compassionate, loving and intentional way." S.G.


“Nanci has an amazing ability to reveal the connection between many realities that we experience. She is an amazing dream analyst.” M.H.