TRANSFORMATIONAL WHOLENESS: Awakening Spirit Within: An ongoing group for women cancer survivors, caregivers, and professionals

For women with cancer or cancer caregivers, family, or professionals. Co-sponsored by EarthSpirit Center for the Transformational Arts and the Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital.

Using a non-medically oriented approach, this powerful and transformational ongoing weekly group, based in the heart center of unconditional love is offered to women dealing with cancer now or in the past, dealing with cancer of a loved one, or is a caregiver or professional. You will transform limiting and unconscious perceptions of your life, discover secrets of inner healing, learn how your dreams reveal deep messages, learn how adversity is a gift, and eliminate judgment. Through dream work, expanded perception of ordinary realities, and guided imagery, you will learn to perceive your challenges from an unconditional, healing perspective.

Students say:

" I was diagnosed four years ago with metastatic lung cancer. The survival data available at that time was grim and I knew that I must steady myself for a difficult road ahead. Dr. Shanderá’s classes have been profoundly helpful to me in navigating this new path. Class by class, bit by bit, I’ve gained meaningful insight into my spirituality, mortality and understanding of life which I believe has extended my life far beyond the initial prediction.

Over the past two and a half years I’ve attended the Women’s Transformational Wholeness class and two Art of Healing classes. Over the course of this time, my personal knowledge of spirituality has increased ten-fold; I’ve learned many things of significance that are changing my life.

One aspect of Dr. Shanderá’s class that has served particularly well is her ability to lend clarity, insight, and perspective to what have been (until now) just obscure dreams. In doing so, she also leaves me with fodder for additional exploration and growth.

Dr Shanderá is also a gifted and gentle facilitator. The guided imagery exercises that she leads always leave me energized and with new insight and focus. I now look forward to the road ahead with curiosity and calm. I am both prepared and unafraid, and I’ve never been happier.

I send a heartfelt “thank you” to Dr. Shanderá for the many gifts she’s passed my way over the years." P.W.


"I joined the Women’s Transformational Wholeness group with Dr. Nanci Shandera a few months after completing surgery and chemo for lung cancer. I felt I could use continued support in dealing with the changes that had taken place in my life not only physically but mentally and emotionally.

The group, with guided imagery and meditation, lead by Dr. Shandera, is a wonderful way to decompress from the stresses of life and the continued journey of the cancer patient. Her exploration of dreams as a way to gain understanding of my strength, my recovery and my health, has been immensely valuable. It has, in fact changed the way I think about my life and my experiences.

I find myself happier and more at peace with how things are and I am able to rejoice in what I have learned on this difficult journey. I can move forward and when I do have fears or hit a bump in the road, I have a safe place to go to share those feelings.

I am now two years out from surgery and chemo and feel stronger than I ever have. I believe this group has been invaluable to my continued health." L.B.

************“Dr. Nanci’s Transformational Wholeness class has opened the door for the real work of my physical healing.” P.W.************“I attended my first Transformational Wholeness class February, 2015, reeling from the physical and emotional scars caused by my breast cancer. I didn't want to go anywhere or see anyone but I knew that I was in dire need of the support I found with Dr. Nanci. The spiritual aspect of her class was (and is) huge for me.” S.B.************“Dr. Shanderá's work has helped me so much. The guided visualizations give me the ability to relax at such a deep level, enough to find safety in myself again, and see the cancer in a different light.” L.C.************“The guided imagery takes me into a deep space of relaxation and peace. My quality of life has improved and the support I receive from Dr. Shanderá and the group carries me through the week.” T.M.