"Elders travel in multiple realities, courageously transcending fears of aging and loss of mental capacity. They may seem to the unenlightened to be demented or ill, when from a deeper reality, they are dancing between the worlds, bringing back wisdom from their travels for those who will listen." ~NS

Embody True Elderhood and Transform Perceptions of Aging Into Empowerment and Wisdom

Based on ancient women’s mystery school principles, and Soul-based esoteric transformation of consciousness, the Introductory groups dive deeply into the mysteries of Elderhood to develop graceful and empowered approaches to aging and our roles as Wise Ones/Grandmothers for the planet and the universe.

In the Introductory series (which are prerequisites for Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Initiatory groups), we examine the true meaning of Elderhood and how it frees us, concerns about aging and new ways to experience it with courage and grace, how we have succeeded where we thought we'd failed, how we can surrender our beliefs about appearance and accept our authenticity, our emotions and their deep connection with our Eternal Soul, death as a stage of life, and what it means to be a Global Grandmother. We will explore what stands in the way of our full acceptance of ourselves as women of wisdom and character: feelings of inadequacy, defense shields, closed mindedness, lack of trust (needing proof before acceptance: "Seeing it when you believe it" rather than "Believing it when you see it."), designing your life based on what others expect, and more.

A Beginning Women's Mystery School will be offered to those who have successfully completed the Introductory series. In this and successive levels of advancement (Intermediate, Advanced, Initiate, etc.), our studies will include ritual and ceremony, deep introspective work, goddesses/wise women of various cultures, esoteric-mystical exploration, history of mysticism, and related experiences that will develop higher consciousness and awakening to new, alternate, expanded perceptions of life and your role and responsibility in it.

Students say:

"All the wisdom, stories, connections and love that fill that room and our lives is just amazing. The things I learned with you and my fellow students are priceless to me as I move through the changes and challenges I face in this new life.  I see differently, I react differently and I love differently.  The magic is definitely spinning around me and it feels exciting and full of possibilities. I am proud and so, so blessed to know you and feel your love each day as I move through each day of my life growing, learning and loving." B.W.


"Your background and personal journey touched me so much. Your journey encompasses so much of what I'm struggling with. I've never experienced any classes like yours before." A.C.


“My work with Nanci led me to further explore the idea of “dying as a rite of passage”.  I was able to look more deeply into what needed to “die” in my life, so that I could heal old wounds and change old patterns that no longer served me.  I am grateful to Nanci and the power she imparts to the community of women …knowing that together we can change the world.”  C.P.


“Dr. Nanci gracefully serves as a guide into the unknown places within. She walks alongside me, into the shadows and into the light offering a loving and humorous presence. Using dream discussion, symbology, mystery school teachings, archetypal energies, personal reflective writing, guided meditation, and many other tools, Nanci aids me in creating my own personal internal map. This serves to discover, understand, and accept all aspects of my being. Utilizing the heart as my internal compass, I am able to navigate the way that leads me to transform into a more balanced, unified, and more authentic version of myself.” A.S.