A Shamanic Novel

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ShadowWolf Press ©2012

Alex Wilder is a single mother and workaholic who stubbornly sees nothing wrong with how ruthlessly she treats others in order to get ahead. One night, she has a shocking dream that catapults her into a fantastic chain of events that will generate unforeseen and astonishing changes in her life. Though she tries to ignore the dream and the disturbing feelings it has stirred, Alex must face her limitations when two extraordinary teachers and a mysterious quilt appear in her life. Through their guidance, Alex learns to transform her perception of reality, embrace her authenticity, and open her heart to love.

THE QUILT is a metaphor and map for personal spiritual awakening. Alex Wilder represents anyone who is called to discover an authentic self. The story is based upon the author’s own experiences as a lifelong seeker of spiritual truths as well as those of her Mystery School students. The book’s main purpose is to entertain, but to those who are drawn to its seeds of possibility, it may offer assistance in understanding and integrating the birth pains that always accompany the personal transformational process.

“The magical quilt is a powerful symbol of a deeper reality. It is like the First Matter of the alchemists or the view quantum physicists have of matter. It changes its physical properties to reflect the state of consciousness of the observer.”  Dennis William Hauck, alchemist, teacher, and author of The Emerald Tablet and The Sorcerer’s Stone

“THE QUILT is not so much a novel as a parable. It’s as if The Celestine Prophecy met The Picture of Dorian Gray. Only this picture of the quilt just keeps getting better and better.”  Mary K. Greer, Tarot teacher, author of Who Are You in the Tarot?

“THE QUILT…unveils the meaning of the darker qualities of being human and finds the light and beauty within…vividly flows through the ups and downs of the entire process of renewal.”  Ashley Ess, publisher of Bamboo Magazine :: Whole Family Living.