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Your Inner Gold is founded upon ancient alchemical and mystery school principles which ignite and enhance the process of personal spiritual awakening for anyone new to spiritual practice as well as the more advanced seeker. Your Inner Gold includes alchemical exercises, art projects, guided imagery meditations, examples of what to expect and how to understand emerging feelings while moving through transformation. Dreams throughout the book illustrate the complex levels of consciousness in individuals and in the collective. The author has studied dreams since childhood and specializes in teaching people how to utilize the symbology and messages of dreams.

Your Inner Gold presents the conjunction of opposites toward a consciousness of unity, the recognition of fear as the root of all suffering individually and globally as the most powerful deterrent to unity, the transformation of victimization, the power of allowing old ways of being and beliefs to die, the discovery of authenticity, sacrifice in the spiritual process, and the transformation of the ego-bound state.Pre-lifetime choices for the upcoming life illustrates how difficult persons or situations may have actually been chosen by our Souls to help us evolve.

Two intensive processes are included: “The Gold Within You”, which creates awareness of the ego’s influence and how we can transform it; and “Writing a New Job Description”, an intriguing new way to release the ego from its old defenses and to create new ways it can assist us.

Your Inner Gold introduces seven basic stages of alchemical transformation as a model for personal transformation. Your Inner Gold offers ways to develop an active and healthy participation with the shadow, which contains all that we reject, deny, and judge in ourselves and others, even our gifts and talents.

Your Inner Gold illustrates how to develop alternate perceptions of adversity, so guilt, repression, shame, difficult behaviors and beliefs, and fear can be seen as having a deeper function as tempering agents and experience builders that are directed by the Soul and its purpose. Your Inner Gold provides ways to open the heart to love and compassion for self and others and develop a belief in true unification with Spirit.


“This is the best spiritual book I’ve seen in many years. Your Inner Gold is indeed that – a deep, comprehensive guide to attaining our intrinsic wholeness. Dr. Shanderá shares the wisdom and tools necessary for transformation in a profound and engaging way.” Carolyn Conger, Ph.D., psycho-spiritual teacher and consultant, seminar facilitator of groups on psychological growth, healing, dreamwork, intuition, creativity, and spirituality. She has lived with tribal societies throughout the world and has done research in psychoimmunology and human energy fields. She was a close colleague of W. Brugh Joy, M.D., until his death in 2009. www.carolynconger.com

“With wisdom, candor and great self-awareness, Dr. Nanci Shanderá writes beautifully of the importance of complete self-acceptance. And in this she is right: there is no greater lesson for those of us here on the Earth plane. In this richly insightful book, she skillfully and lovingly shows us how to master this lesson.” Robert Schwartz, award-winning author of Your Soul’s Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born, and lecturer-teacher. www.yoursoulsplan.com

“In Your Inner Gold, Dr. Shanderá guides us through a journey from the surface of our skin, to our bones, to our Diamond Soul, and back out again into our love and service for the world! Through personal story and offerings from various healing traditions, Dr. Nanci’s writing inspires, guides, nudges, and nurtures the song of soul transformation that is at the core of our heart’s longing.” Sanchi Reta Lawler, ordained Zen Buddhist, guide at Morning Star Sangha of San Antonio, Cumberland River Sangha of Nashville, and Temple Garden Sangha of Boulder, Colorado. Practitioner and teacher of Transpersonal Psychotherapy for over thirty years. Practitioner-guide for shamanic study and initiation in Upper Amazon and High Andes of Peru, as well as guiding courses in Death and Dying. www.biopark.org/peru/et-maps-Peru.html

“This book is a very useful guide and consistent encouragement for people to look beyond their ego-identified selves, to the potential for freedom and a greater identification with the divine. There are many examples of openings to higher understanding and great exercises to tweak the reader’s thinking out of the box. Dr. Shanderá has written openly and generously about this process and is navigating a complicated and interesting road – both assimilating others’ work and deepening a theory for understanding Soul. The reader will find permission to accept the human self with its bumps and bruises, while exploring and finding the true spiritual self.” Valerie Kack, Ph.D. in Women’s Spirituality, Psychotherapist, artist, and author of The Emotion Handbook for the Recovery and Management of Feelings and For She Is the Tree of Life: Grandmothers Through the Eyes of Women Writers.